Company Profile

Foshan WahBou Power Equipment Co, Ltd. Is a Ryan, foshan city, guangdong hongyu group and investment co., LTD. Jointly formed a focus on uninterruptible power supply, dc inverter, solar power, voltage regulator, and other products of research and development, manufacture, sales and service of high-tech enterprises, is adjusting industry strategic positioning, hongyu group on diversified development important milestone, the company products are mainly used in telecommunications, electric power, public security, finance, networking, medical, security, industrial automation, rail transportation, space navigation, etc.

In recent years, the country and the industry have increased their investment in the uninterruptible power supply market, making the uninterruptible power supply products have been significantly improved in both technology and product level, and continue to develop. Uninterruptible power supply industry is gradually moving towards the road of high-speed development. The acceleration of informatization construction in the application field will inevitably drive the market's greater demand for uninterruptible power supply technology. Huabao power supply is in the leading position in the industry in high-frequency digital UPS power supply and solar off-grid inverter technology. "Solar High-frequency off-grid inverter",. Twelve kinds of products, such as "high frequency high-power uninterruptible power supply" and "high efficiency three-level soft switch uninterruptible power supply", are recognized as high-tech products of Guangdong Province.

Adhering to the tenet of "technology and innovation are the first life force of products" and adhering to the development philosophy of "intelligence, digital, high frequency and green", Huabao power is unswervingly moving forward on the road of innovation and development. In the future, Huabao power will increase investment in research and development, set up "UPS Power supply and new energy Engineering technology Research Center", set up postdoctoral workstation, graduate innovation training demonstration base and so on, and will cooperate with major universities for a long time, absorb and cultivate talents in all aspects, and make a contribution to the development of the power industry.

Company Culture

Enterprise mission:to achieve all power terminal safety, environmental protection, 

                                 stable demand for electricity.

Corporate vision:1. Become a first-class UPS power solution provider.

                            2. Each Person of Huabao Power has achieved the happiness of success.

Business philosophy: Market demand-oriented, focus on UPS power cutting-edge 

                                     technology, brave in innovation,With excellent quality and 

                                     service to win the trust of the market and customers

Code of conduct:unity, trust, hard work, innovation, persistence and win-win

Talent view:people-oriented, make full use of their talents, training incentives, 

                      survival of the fittest


Fruitful research and development results, successively obtained national authorized patents, computer software copyrights, independent innovation products in Guangdong Province, and Guangdong Province high-tech products certification, the company has passed ISO9001/ISO14001 certification/OHSAS18001, and the products have passed China Energy Conservation Products, CE, TUV, Tell and other series Certification.

R & D Center

Foshan UPS Power supply and New Energy Engineering Technology Research and Development Center;More than 50 professional r & D team, and set up basic laboratories in Wuhan, Suzhou and Foshan;Long-term joint with Huazhong University of Science and Technology, South China University of Technology to carry out simulation experiments and market competition evaluation;The leading REINFORCEMENT ? "Reford ?" technology independently developed can shorten the physical facilities by digital control, and can be flexibly configured to challenge harsh environments.

Production Workshop

Huabao Power headquarters production plant area of more than 10,000 square meters, technical personnel account for 30% of the total, with 6 production departments, 15 production lines, perfect sales channels and sales team, the enterprise annual output value of more than 200 million yuan.

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